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Operation Green Light: A Driver License Reinstatement Days Event

SCAM ALERT – January 23, 2020

Scam – a fraudulent scheme to take money, goods, property, etc. away from its legal owner. You, or someone you know, could be one of their next targets. Several current scams reference the Office of the Clerk of Courts, or its employees.
The Clerk of Courts wants you to know:
None of our employees will call, send a letter, email or text you to acquire your personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, Social Security Number, bank account and/or credit card information, date of birth, etc.
We will never threaten you if you don’t comply, or use any other type of pressure.
We will never accept money cards for payment of legitimate court obligations, i.e., VISA, green dot, etc. A legitimate payment will be made with cash, credit or debit card or by check in one of the following ways:
At the courthouse complex in downtown Palatka or our satellite offices in Interlachen or Crescent City, during our normal business hours, M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding major holidays.
Traffic Tickets and Child Support through www.myfloridacounty.com. Take extra care to make sure the website address is typed in correctly.
For deferred or partial payment contracts executed at our courthouse, you may receive reminders via phone, email and/or texts informing you of payment due dates with penalties defined in Florida Statutes (late fees, drivers’ license suspension), if you miss agreed upon payments.
If your account is sent to Collections for non-payment per the contract executed in our Courthouse, you will be contacted by our collection agency by phone, email and/or text message to discuss planned payments. All Collection agencies are subject to fair practices governed by the Federal Trade Commission. You can get more information about them at www.ftc.gov.
If you are worried you may be getting scammed, call the Sheriff’s Office AND, if the scammer references the Clerk’s Office or employees, contact the Clerk’s Office as soon as we’re open to get information you can rely on.
Payment status of Criminal Cases:
(386) 326-7630
Payment status of Civil Family Cases:
(386) 326-7650
Payment status of Circuit and County Civil or Probate Cases:
(386) 326-7620
Juror Summons status:
(386) 326-7699
Tax Deed obligations:
(386) 326-7670
Property-related issues/recorded deeds:
(386) 326-7680
For extra protection, sign up for our free Trieshield program.
If your name, or something close to your name, is referenced on a document recorded in our Customer Service Center, you will be notified by your choice of email or text, within 24 hours.
View the following video below so you can take advantage of this free service.
Trieshield Video link, click here.

Helping You to Protect Yourself Against Property Fraud

Learn about SAME-DAY Alert

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to setup your account in Trishield.

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DIY Court Filings

Welcome to TurboCourt, the Putnam County Clerk of Courts new self-service system. It’s a fast, easy and secure way to prepare and update your Court Case filing online.
TurboCourt provides you the ability to access documents, initiate or respond to court action 24×7, become empowered to address key issues relevant to your case as well as become educated about the process through an easy to follow format, free of complex language, all from the comforts of your home or local public facility.
Below are links for filing different case types online.

Public Notice

Beware: Con artists use jury duty to scam people

It is the policy of the Clerk of the Court to contact prospective jurors only through a written court summons sent by U.S. Mail. Jurors are not contacted by telephone, email, text message or any other medium. Jury Services does not need or ask for your personal information and does not require a monetary payment of any amount.
If you receive a call requesting personal information or money, immediately call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (386) 329-0800. Concerned citizens may also contact Jury Management at the Clerk’s Office at (386) 326-7699 to determine whether or not they have been summoned for jury service.

Online Certified Records

Clerk E-Certify Logo


Putnam County Clerk of the Circuit Courts is issuing electronic certified official records now. Electronic certified copies can be ordered via phone at (386) 326-7680, walk-in to our Customer Service Center or On-Line. Each electronic certified document is created using advanced cryptographic techniques and is tamper-proof. An electronic copy is valid forever and is certified with a unique digital signature of the Clerk of the Courts. Click the link above, for more information about Clerk E-Certify:

Notice of Confidential Information
within Court Filing

Effective October 1, 2010, pursuant to the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration 2.420(d)(2) any person filing any document containing confidential information shall, at the time of filing, file with the clerk a “Notice of Confidential Information within Court Filing” in order to: (A) indicate that confidential information described in subdivision (d)(1)(B) of this rule is included within the document being filed; (B) identify the provision of subdivision (d)(1)(B) of this rule that applies to the identified information; and (C) identify the precise location of the confidential information within the document being filed.
Official Notice